About Alison Coté

Alison Coté is a graphic designer specializing in vintage-style design with a passion for creating art for musicians. 

Coté finds her ancestry in the arts as the daughter of Illustrator/Animator David Cowles, and Period Style printmaker and painter Laura Wilder, both of whom brought her up to value good music and good design.

Her designs have appeared in music videos and album art for They Might Be Giants', among other national acts, although most of her work can be found taped up around the streets of her hometown, Rochester, NY, where she is proud to contribute to the wonderful local music scene with her show posters.

Alison currently lives and works in Rochester with her husband, Alex.

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For a quote or to commission artwork, reach Alison at either of the above links, or email her at alisonbcote@gmail.com.